TIL Watching People Code is a thing

So lately, thanks to Twitch, there’s been a new phenomenon on the interwebs to do with watching people play games. This craze got so big that large companies such as Google and Amazon are willing to spend millions to buy Twitch because of how successful it is.

Well, it looks like watching people write code live is now becoming a thing. There’s a growing reddit community (/r/WatchPeopleCode) dedicated to it, and a website was made to list the current live streams from reddit: watchpeoplecode.com. The purpose is simple. You watch someone write code live online. Sometimes it’s someone giving a tutorial and speaking to the audience. Sometimes it is just someone working on their own project - maybe there’s better productivity when you know someone’s watching you code.

Who knows I might try it out one day. Or maybe in the future ‘watch people blog’ will become a thing. Who knows?

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